How to create a private label / white label air freshener

Do you dream of creating your own air freshener so that it is branded with your brand and your logo?

I suggest some simple steps to make the whole process go smoothly and quickly.

The first and most important question: for what purpose do you need such an air freshener?

If you are looking for an air freshener to give out to your customers as a promotional gadget - go straight to a company that produces such ordinarily paper air fresheners. You will probably already be able to make your choice of shape on their website and send them your logo.

However, if you are looking for refreshers that you intend to market and sell successfully, keep reading.


Creating a private label product is a complicated process, to make it as simple as possible, start by choosing the right first product. Check which air fresheners sell best, remembering that value is important, not quantity. Therefore, I encourage you to browse the available air fresheners and look for something more attractive than a typical paper air freshener. It can be a sachet, bottle or organic - the effect will always be better than a standard paper air freshener.

Paper air fresheners, sachet air fresheners, scented bottle air fresheners, organic air fresheners, all other solutions


The steps for finding the type of your first custom air freshener should include:

  1. type of air freshener (paper, bottle, sachet, gel, wood)
  2. fragrance versions - those that are the best-selling on your market, I suggest limiting yourself to no more than 5 fragrance versions
  3. your product positioning on the market - do you want your air freshener to be better and more expensive than the ones currently available, identical or just cheaper.
  4. your monthly sales plan, that is how many units of your air freshener you can sell per month

If you already know the answer to these 4 questions you can start your search for a manufacturer.

The search for the right manufacturer as usual starts on the internet. Before submitting a request, carefully review the manufacturer's website evaluating if:

  1. it has experience in manufacturing private label air fresheners.
  2. its location - the country of origin of your air fresheners

Now you can send inquiries. Send them in any form you like, but always state what you're looking for in the query - your answers to the first 4 questions.


Choosing a manufacturer

You have already sent inquiries and are getting first responses and quotes. At this stage do not decide yet on the choice of the supplier.

Ask for samples of agreed fragrance versions - this is where the first costs come in on your side - it will be the cost of sending the samples to you, the samples themselves you will probably get for free.

Test the samples you receive - now you know what to expect from each potential manufacturer.

Now is the time to detail your ideas for your own air freshener with the cost of changes and additional work on the part of the manufacturer. Now you will receive the final offer and price.

Now, make sure that you get support from the manufacturer in developing and checking the text of your label to make sure that it complies with the current legislation in your target markets - this is extremely important as, for example, in Europe you cannot sell air fresheners that do not have a REACH compliant label description. Ask for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and see what regulations it is based on. Also check carefully whether the manufacturer you are talking to really produces anything. For example, if it comes from Europe, can it issue a EUR1 certificateA good way to verify is to make an appointment at the manufacturer's facility - if you have time, you go, if not - nothing happens. Those who won't confirm an appointment usually have something to hide.

Lead time - the time it takes to produce your air freshener. This always takes time. Better to wait a week longer and confirm all the details twice than to get a product that does not fully meet your expectations! Take your time and the final effect will depend on it. A good manufacturer will guide you and ask the right questions or suggest their proven solutions for packaging, transportation, and labeling of the bulk packaging.


You already know everything, you can now choose a supplier and place your order!


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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How human brain perceives smells?

Essential oils and the olfactory system

Fragrances and smells are around us all the time.

When fragrance enters trough nasal passage, travels until reaches the olfactory bulb. Via the olfactory bulb, the aroma is sent directly to the center of the brain, to the limbic system, where it is processed and releases heurochemicals that can be relaxing, stimulating, sedative, etc. – depending on the essential oil being used and some memories kept in mind. Fragrant stimuli get directly to the brain causing certain sensation. Depending on power of fragrance (how many molecule of fragrance in 1sqm) we can get phenomenon of fragrance perception in time:

  1. From 0 – human brain cannot perceive fragrance
  2. Unconscious perception – the best level for aroma marketing, when people do not sense nothing, but brain reaction are some emotions
  3. Can smell, but cannot recognize – it’s the level when brain can smell something but do not know what it is, cannot name it. As well very good level for all aroma marketing and air fresheners products because brain react with some emotions and cannot understand why
  4. Can recognize fragrance and can sensible react – that the amount of fragrance where all air fresheners and perfume are.
  5. Overdosing and pain when there is too much of fragrance for a long time dizziness and headache may occur. Please come back to reasons, why people do not use air fresheners!

In all phases at some point human brain may switch off – not to smell the fragrance any longer, to be ready for new one. It’s extremely important for our brain to be ready for reaction if  any danger situation come – for example some spoiled food. Second mechanism is an adaptation mechanism – when some fragrance or smell omnipresent we cannot smell it anymore after some period of time (from 2 minutes up to 2hours), once again it gives possibility to work normally to protect organism. Do you remember your favorite air freshener or perfume – after some period of time it has no smell!


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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How the odor eliminator works ?

Everyone everyday struggles with bad odor problem. Whether it is in Your kitchen, Your bathroom, bedroom or even living room, unpleasant odor is always unbearable. That’s why we manufacture special products odor neutralizers. Rather than mask bad smells with stronger fragrance we nullify the odor itself. It is much more efficient  way to get rid of any bad smell in your home, car, office, hotel or toilet,



ODOR / ODOUR = a perception resulting from stimulation of olfactory receptors

ODORANT = a substance that elicits an olfactory response

MALODOR = an odor that is unpleasant or disliked when perceived in a specific context

DETECTION THRESHOLD = concentration at which 50% of a human panel can identify the presence of an odor or odorant without characterizing the stimulus


Malodors can be encountered in the air, on fabrics, on bathroom or kitchen surfaces. They can emanate from human skin or hair, from pet fur, litter containers and animal cages. Malodors can also result from daily human activities like cooking, smoking, etc … . The compounds that cause malodors are often very volatile. Most common unpleasant chemical groups include short chain aliphatic acids, aldehydes and esters, nitrogen-containing compounds such as amines, sulphur-containing compounds such as thiols and sulfides.


There are different chemical groups found in malodors. We can distinguish the following sources of different types of malodors: urine, toilet odors, axillary malodors, kitchen and garbage, cigarette smoke.

There are some typical ways of eliminating malodors perception:

  1. By removing a portion of the malodor molecule to bring its detection below its threshold of detection. We can do it by removing the source of malodor by cleaning.
  2. By altering how the odorant is perceived:
  3. When malodor is absorbed in a surface-based process on granulated activated carbon or zeolites. These way of odor neutralizing is the most safe and ecological. Has no impact on sounding environment. Can be used in refrigerators and with contact with pets. These is the most safe way of odor neutralizing but some of people complain that there is no smell and it does not work.
  4. Masking – overpowering by addition of other odorants. Typical air fresheners, perfumes, deodorants.
  5. Neutralizing – by changing its chemical structure, producing malodorless by-products. It’s possible because reaction with aldehydes react with amines producing a Schiff base and water. That’s typical way of odor neutralizing process. That way can be connected with masking to create most effective home and car air fresheners.

There is no possibility to connect absorption (2.a) with masking or neutralizing. The only way to create the most effective odor neutralizer is to connect Neutralizing with masking. The product made that way is odor neutralizer in neutralizing way and is adding some nice fragrance as a final effect. There are some natural raw materials that gives possibility to go thru the whole chemical process in natural way.


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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Air freshener market key facts 2020

Air care market: home air fresheners + car air fresheners + professional air fresheners and odor neutralizers

Air fresheners are consumer products used in homes, or commercial products used in restrooms, or typical HoReCa to use in Hotels that in standard emit fragrance or are used for odor elimination.

Air care product is a category which accounts for 12.1 billion USD globally (2019): North America – 40%, Europe 31%, Asia Pacific 15%, Latin America 6%, Middle East 5% and Australia 3%.

There are many different formats of air care products. Electric air fresheners with 30% market share, now are fast growing because of increasing popularity of ultrasonic diffusers with some natural essential oils for this format. Sprays, including aerosol air fresheners 27% where we can observe growing importance of non-aerosol air fresheners and odor neutralizers. Car air fresheners with 16% share where especially new solid solutions launched. Gel air fresheners – 9%, stable product with very good perspective in Asia where Indian market is the most important for category. Candle air fresheners and wax melts – 7%, where wax melts products are very popular in North America and gaining popularity in Europe and Asia Pacific. Liquid air fresheners – 6%, the category with time-honored clients. Other category is about 5%.

2020 AIR FRESHENERS trends:


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Scents of air fresheners

An odor or odour or fragrance is caused by one or more volatilized chemical compounds, generally at a very low concentration, that humans or other animals perceive by the sense of olfaction. Odors are also commonly called scents, which can refer to both pleasant and unpleasant odors. The terms fragrance and aroma are used primarily by the food and cosmetic industry to describe a pleasant odor, and are sometimes used to refer to perfumes, and to describe floral scent. In the United Kingdom, odour refers to scents in general. In the United States and for many non-native English speakers around the world, odor generally has a negative connotation, as a synonym for stink; on the other hand, scent or aroma are used by those people to indicate “pleasant smells” (Wikipedia).



SCENT – an aroma in general

FRAGRANCE – concentrated aroma

ODOR / ODOUR – bed smell, stink


Fragrances comes from natural resources or synthetic.

Natural Fragrance – commonly named Natural Essential Oils, are concentrated aromatic oils from plant sources. Depending on the particular oil the part of the plant that may be used may be the blossoms, leaves, seeds, root or the wood. Essential oils are a complex of many different chemical components. They can play various role in nature serving plants and allowing them to grow and survive. Essential oil uses include aromatherapy, cosmetics, massage oils, incense, perfumes and air freshening products. Their scents can be very therapeutic and can have differing effects on the mind, emotions and body. Natural Fragrance are more expensive and some of them extremely expensive. The usage of them is limited to very good air fresheners, fine fragrances (perfume) and essential oils. Some innovative essential oils are prepared with small portion of carrier oils to make use of it much easier and comfortable.

Synthetic Fragrance – created in laboratory and made in industrial way. Synthetic fragrances are strong and they last a long time. There are a blend of various chemical compounds, many of which are common allergens or are linked to hormone disruption. Synthetic fragrance are much cheaper than Natural Fragrance, and thus more commonly used. Synthetic Fragrance are commonly used household cleaning products, washing powders, detergents, toilet air fresheners, home air fresheners, car air fresheners, fine fragrances, food industry and many, many more.

Fragrance blend – mixture of Natural and Synthetic Fragrances. It’s the best way to create symphony of scents. That’s the place where artists are. First well know Fragrance blend was created by Coco Chanel in 1920’s “A woman’s perfume with the scent of a woman” would not have been possible without synthetic aldehydes. Fragrance blend is used in fine fragrances, good home air fresheners, some of car air fresheners.


The main source of good quality fragrance, especially Fragrance Blend is Europe, mainly in France. Every manufacturer has in his portfolio cheap blends or synthetic fragrances as well as very good products. There is no quality differences based on localization in Europe.

Europe become so strong in good quality fragrances because of very strong legislation process. REACH is the European Regulation on chemicals regarding the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH). The aim is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through more thorough and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. Moreover, the REACH Regulation gives greater responsibility to industry to manage chemical risks and to provide safety information about these substances. In fact some of very popular US or Japanese fragrances are classified as poisons, 90% of Chinese fragrances are forbidden for legal usage in Europe.


HOME air fresheners

The World of home air fresheners looks very similar in every country. Mainly are in use floral and fine fragrance notes. Fruits – especially Lime in India and very heavy oud scent in Middle East are the only exclusion. In the world more and more popular and more welcome is the smell of fresh flowers.


CAR air fresheners

The World of car air fresheners changes country by country, region by region. There are different fruits habits depends of historical, regional, religion or law conditions. Always there is main scent, some fruit fragrance and following fine fragrance scents and other fruity or mixed smells. Fine fragrances smells are identical globally, there are some musk, black, blue notes with strong connection to perfumes. But the main notes are:

Europe – Vanilla, a little bit sweet vanilla as some exotic fragrance with good memories for every home with sweet vanilla cookie in oven. Vanilla Fragrance from years is a leader of European car air fresheners.

North America – Cherry, strong almond cherry. It’s so strong that in Europe nobody can use it. Cherry smell can cover every other odor or smell. Some stories big popularity of cherry fragrances connect with previous popularity of smoking pot in car. The only fragrance to make it as not to be discovered was cherry fragrance.

South America – Cherry and Vanilla, it depends on country but these two plays main role.

Middle East – Strawberry, sweet fruity with some of bubble gum. Strong fragrances with fresh meaning, but fresh means berries scent.

India – Lemon / Lime, natural fresh lemon. Very strong. It’s in India connected with new car smell and religion. When you buy new car, first you have to put fresh lime under each radial tire. With first movement of new car crush the limes and squirting juice.

China – Peach, sweet soft peach. Chinese are very sensitive and do not like strong fragrances.


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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How to describe fragrance ?

The perfume description of particular fragrance is usually presented with the help of FRAGRANCE TRIANGLE. It’s kind of pyramid.

TOP notes: the first impression, very light and fresh notes, they are first we can identify when smelling an air freshener or perfume.

HEART notes: that’s the core of every air freshener or perfume. It comes just after TOP notes and it’s the essence of aroma.

BASE notes: makes an air freshener or perfume full depth and richness. There are the base from where the flower can grow to HEART and TOP and become full of experience and carry the accord for whole air freshener.

If you can imagine natural ROSE with beautiful red flowers, full of beautiful scents – that you can describe as:

TOP notes: Green, Fruity, Aldehydic

HEART notes: Rose, Violet

BASE notes: Amber, Honey

Is the description of the fragrance easy and always unambiguous?

A typical example would be when trying to describe a vanilla flavor. The topic seems simple and straightforward. Below is an example of a description of the fragrance Deep Vanilla from Frey & Lau - that's what you imagined it?

Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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Why people use air fresheners ?

The most popular reason to use air fresheners is because users like the fragrance where smell is the most important factor with response of 51% of answers. Important reason to use air freshener is refreshing the air in room – 44% and to neutralize, eliminate bad smells and odors – 43%. Very important for air fresheners users is to create specific atmosphere 28% and to connect functionality of air freshener as a decorative item in house, where some natural solutions as natural scented flowers are the most popular solution with 27% response.

Among people who do not use air fresheners the most common reason is preference to open the window – 52%. Second important reason not to use air fresheners is because the fragrances are too strong – 31% and conviction that these products are not environmentally friendly – 23%. For 20% air fresheners are expensive. For 18% argues that air fresheners are not good for health. Only 5% as a reason points that the fragrance in general are too weak.


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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8 Benefits that Make Air Freshener an Essential Car Accessory

Driving around is always an important activity for most of the homeowners. Be it commuting or leisurely drives, the car needs to be well-equipped so that the occupants have a great time driving in the car. It is not enough for the car to just look good and run fast. It should also make the passengers and driver feel comfortable within the car’s sweaty and sweltering temperatures.

This perhaps explains why car air fresheners are a popular accessory to own.

However, just any air freshener for cars will not do. Rather than going for the harmful chemical-based air freshener, it is best to go for an organic car air freshener. As these are based on essential oil which emit a relaxing and soothing fragrance. Some oils are known to improve focus, while others uplift the mood when you are stuck in peak traffic. Products like the Tulip 6th Sense and Garden Botanica Fresh Bag are examples of good quality air fresheners that elevate the mood within the car by removing bad smells.

Why go for an air freshener?

Just a whiff of an air freshener, and the entire confines within the car can feel uplifting and relaxed. If you don’t use a car air freshener then we present some reasons why you simply cannot do without it in your car.

1. Available in Different Forms

Car fresheners come in different forms, so that you can hang it in the rear-view mirror, fix it to the AC vent, or let it sit on the dashboard. They are available in multiple formats and can spread the fragrance to every corner of the car. Make sure to go for essential oil air freshener rather than the ones that are made of chemicals as the chemical ones might have some side effects in addition to spreading the scent around.

2. Total Elimination of Bad Smells

The closed confines of the car for long raises the bad stink within the interiors. If you feel an unwanted odor inside the car, then you can be sure that it will be an uncomfortable experience driving with such odor piercing through your nose every second you are in the car. A car perfume helps you get rid of unwanted smells and make the interiors a better place to be in when you are moving around in your car.

3. Enables Freshness with Every Drive

Since the windows are rolled up most of the time in the car, it will be difficult for fresh air to circulate within the interiors. This raises the chances of bad smells emanating from the car. As a result, the entire drive becomes an unpleasant experience. An air freshener helps you get the feeling of freshness without having to keep the windows rolled down for a long time. While you may have great car accessories like car seat covers and bass speakers, it is recommended to not forget that even organic car air fresheners are essential accessories that you need to have in your car.

4. Important for Cars with Pets

If you carry pets in the car then it is likely that their smell will waft around in the car’s interiors. In order to get rid of the smell of pets within the limited space of the car’s interiors, it is crucial to fix a car air freshener. The drive with your pets will get pleasant when you know that the best car air freshener can help remove all bad smells and make the drive enjoyable.

5. Wide Range of Fragrance Options

The sheer variety of exotic, woody, or fruity based fragrance options available makes it a worthwhile reason to go for a car air freshener. But be sure to always go for the quality products for the best experience. Our range of quality air-fresheners also contains many such suitable options like the Wizard Intense with stronger notes and Fresh Smile with brighter and lighter notes.

6. Disinfectant Properties

Air fresheners are known to eliminate airborne pathogens floating around in the car. Many people like guests, co-workers, clients, or people from outside your home may travel in your car. They bring in germs from outside into the car. Also the external pollution on road can contaminate the air quality within the car. An air freshener helps to make the air quality inside better and hence make the entire drive a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

7. Air Fresheners are Convenient

Having the car properly scrubbed, washed, and cleaned can remove almost all the bad smells. But let’s be honest – do we have the time to get this done on a periodic basis? We simply do not have the time to undertake these activities.

Hence an air freshener provides convenience as a viable alternative. By hanging a car freshener, you can be assured that it will continue working even when there is no one in the car. This way, when you actually step in, you will be greeted with a warm, fruity fragrance rather than the stinky smells.

8. Helps Maintain Composure Behind the Wheels

Heavy traffic snarls can eat into the patience of the even the best drivers. Imagine facing this issue twice every single day travelling back and forth from office! An air freshener helps overcome road fury and adds a sense of tranquil to your daily commute. For people who drive regularly, car perfumes can reduce stress and improve lifespan. Get a positive frame of mind when you drive in a fresh-smelling car.

To conclude

These advantages aptly denote the need to get the best car air freshener right away for your car. Don’t delay this purchase any longer, and use a good source to get the right air freshener for your vehicle.


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How to Build & Thrive with an Air Freshener Business?

Today’s global consumer is looking for products that will enhance the quality of living and improve the sanitation aspect of the home or office. An air freshener fits the bill perfectly on both counts. The rising income levels and a higher emphasis on hygiene and sanitation have ensured the rise of the air freshener market.

And this trend is not localized to a particular geography. In fact, this trend is seeing an upward surge across the globe. Today it is not uncommon to see many room freshener spray manufacturers springing up to cater to the growing demand.

As per market research reports, the worldwide air freshener market size was pegged at $10,124.4 million in 2017. This number is expected to surge to $13,279.1 million by 2025. This translates to an annual CAGR of 3.5% between the years 2018 and 2025.


What does this business comprise of?

If you have been hooked with the immense business potential of the air freshener business, let’s start from the very beginning and try to grasp what products can be covered under the umbrella term ‘Air freshener’. The term typically includes any product that is used to remove the bad odors from the home or workplace by masking it and emitting a fragrance into the air we breathe.

They can take up many forms like sprays, plug-ins, gels, scented candles, liquid wicks, or fragrance sticks. Some design innovations happening on this front has seen newer products like scented discs.


Why you should start an air freshener business?

# Home based opportunity

Part timers, retirees or anyone who wants to open up a second income stream can opt for this low risk business model of supplying natural air fresheners.

# Good ROI

A typical air freshener business will need no upfront licensing costs. The minimal training and low startup costs add to the ROI appeal of an air freshener venture.

# Low inventory

If you are opting for a distribution or franchise model, then a low inventory would be a USP for your new business as a room freshener dealer. This eliminates problems associated with under-stocking or over-stocking.


What factors to consider before starting an air freshener business?

1. Go holistic

Many entrepreneurs start off with just one fragrance. But with an air freshener, it is crucial to provide options to your customers. Every personality is different and would need different fragrances to perk up their day. Provide some choices in the best air freshener, and your target customers will definitely make a favorable decision.

Hence, it is best to start off with a wide palette of fragrance that will appeal to a broader market size. It’s not uncommon to keep a stock of exotic scents in natural air fresheners like tropical, woody, aqua, or citrus based fragrances.

2. Set high benchmarks

You would want your venture to succeed well. For this, you need to ensure that your business provides superior quality products. As, today’s discerning customer requires the best quality products.

3. Good forecasting prowess

It is important that you have adequate inventory of the best air freshener products so that you are able to meet the market demand at any point in time. Since it is a non-perishable product, you can easily stock up the products and create an inventory of 30 days.

As time goes by, you should be able to know which product does better than others and then stock accordingly.

5. What are the extras?

A customer’s interest will be piqued significantly if you offer him something of value. It can be either free samples, digital assets (blogs or links to helpful articles), or straight discount on bulk orders.

You can also offer complete packages in the form of other scented products. These include soaps, urinal screens, or pouches of liquid hand wash. This way, customers feel they are getting maximum value for every dollar they spend on the air freshener.

6. Invest in self-branding

When you pitch your product to an interested client, make sure that you make a memorable first impression. Right from the type of attire you wear to your soft skills, everything will be under scrutiny when you are interacting with a prospect for selling natural air fresheners.

It makes sense to practice your pitch many times before you get it right in front of the customer. Also invest in a good, sturdy service case that holds the different products in different sizes & shapes.

7. Cultivate a sales team

If you are planning for an air fresheners manufacturing unit then having a sales team will help you build your business and nurture fruitful relationships with customers. Be it distributors, retailers, air freshener suppliers, or end customers, you need different approaches depending on who your customer is.

But one thing remains common. Having a sales staff ensures that you are able to engage better with prospects and existing customers alike. Such honest conversations will help with your customer acquisition goals.

8. Get a good billing system in place

Accounting and billing are two key investing areas must for every business. As they ensures the positive cash flow at all the times and prevent issues like long delayed accounts receivables. If you are on top of things here, you can ensure that you get paid, and get paid on time.

This is an activity that we strongly recommend to outsource to an accountant even if you are running on a shoestring budget. Some applications like QuickBooks and can also help with billing and invoicing issues.


Signing off

These were some business essential that you need to remember if you are planning for an air fresheners business. The combination of these pointers with the lucrative market potential can help you see growth within a short time of entering the market.

Now, all that is left here is to wish you a GOOD LUCK!!

Why Fresh Ambience at Workplace is Important?

When it comes to creating a great physical environment at the workplace for employees and customers, everything from the lighting, ventilation, cleanliness of furniture and the washrooms to the quality of air matters. To state that the air that people breath at the workplace must be kept free of bad odors, would be an understatement. A fresh ambiance at the workplace not only calls for bad odor removal but also consistently maintaining a healthy and pleasing fragrance.

Here we take you through the economic value of a healthy and fresh physical environment at the workplace, the adverse effects of covering up bad odors on people and business, the choice of best air fresheners for office and the diverse benefits that each of these bring and finally, some tips to keep bad odors away from the workplace.

Why a Healthy and Fresh Physical Environment at the Workplace Matters?

Ever since the Hawthorne Experiments conducted by Elton Mayo, there has been a growing chorus on the benefits of creating and maintaining a healthy and fresh physical environment at the workplace. The experiment offered evidence that good lighting and ventilation at the workplace, augment the productivity of people.

Strengthening the arguments for a better and happier physical environment, an article published in the Harvard Business Review quoted findings from a contemporary research.

The findings of the research assert that a great physical environment at the workplace perks up the mood of people keeps them in good spirits and boosts their morale. The research goes on to list the particulars that make for a healthy physical environment at the workplace like lighting, ventilation, open spaces, extent of clutter and finally, good and bad odors.

What Covering Up Bad Odors Can Do to Corporate Reputation?

Of the many different aspects of the physical environment at a workplace, the odor is one of those that are not visible and thus many a time entrepreneurs, corporate executives, managers, and workplace administrators fail to gauge the importance of a neutralizing odor. Many others may consider covering up bad odors with a more intense but artificial odor to suffice, which of course does not produce the best results as people get to smell the two odors distinctly.

Not only is a cover odor grossly insufficient, but it also does more harm to corporate reputation and brand image. When external visitors, customers, and employees discover a business enterprise practicing a “cover-up” culture that is unhealthy and opaque, their trust in the business gets badly shaken. The unhealthy physical environment at the workplace and the bad odor in the air inside become proxies for customer and employee dissatisfaction.

This can be especially the case in business verticals that require both the employees and the customers to be on the shop floor at the same time. Some of these industry verticals are as follows:

How Do Neutralizing Odors Contribute to a Happier Workplace?

While covering up bad odors can have negative consequences for people at the workplace, as shown above, the use of odor neutralizers can make an impact on people at the workplace. In fact, it has been observed that the use of diverse aromas at the workplace can lead to specific effects on the psyche of people. We take through the specific fragrances of air fresheners for offices and workplaces and the corresponding outcomes that these fragrances can enable businesses to achieve:

Tips to Leverage Aroma as a Lever of Productivity at the Workplace

Given the mounting evidence in favor of the positive effects of bad odor removal and use of organic air fresheners and the adverse effects of bad odors on employee productivity and morale at offices and workplaces, it makes enormous good sense to adhere to a few basics as a matter of thumb rule. These are as follows:

Given the deep impact that odor has on people at the workplace, one thing comes out as an axiomatic truth. Good aromas bring more out of people. A neutralizing odor can motivate an employee to do more at the workplace and a customer to spend more. A workplace that smells good more often, does good business more often.

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