Slowly coming down from the tree

Scented air freshener is one of the most popular accessories bought systematically to a car. Waldemar Stasiak - owner of the ELiX company - points out the most important historical and contemporary solutions in this industry, explains the ambiguity of the title tree and points out the latest developments in "automotive aromatization."

Once upon a time, popular cars emitted rather strong, technical odors. Anyone who remembers the days of the Maluch, Big Fiat or Polonez also remembers the "aroma" of their factory maintenance, which was not very effective, but instead poured out under the influence of heat from the door profiles. In most cases, drivers only cared about covering these unpleasant notes with something. The scent therefore had to be intense and administered in wholesale quantities. It was common practice to use room fragrances in the form of liquids spilled on rugs, atomizers or deodorizers.

Of course, owners of more expensive Western cars did not have such problems, but they too felt the smell of plastics, upholstery and sometimes natural leather quite strongly, so they also used air fresheners, only that a bit more discreetly.

Christmas trees and more

Very quickly, scented mirror hangers turned out to be a market hit. And this is where the tree theme comes in. Not everyone knows, but the distinctive "Christmas tree" motif is proprietary to one of the oldest companies in the industry. For this reason, competing manufacturers offering fragrance pendants still give them different shapes today.


A breakthrough step was the introduction of fragrances in liquid flacons. They come in two versions: to be mounted on the air vents and to be hung under the mirror. Versions for hanging under the mirror had caps made of special wood, which "drank" the liquid slowly distributing the aroma around the interior. Such a solution was warmly welcomed by drivers, for whom scented Christmas trees were already beginning to get bored or to be negatively associated with the stops of old, neglected cabs.

Fragrances in flacons opened up new possibilities in terms of the range of aromas, their dosage and storage. To this day, they still have their loyal followers, since the glass flacon allows manufacturers to conveniently apply the highest quality liquids.

Of course, during use, care must be taken to ensure that the liquid does not spill, as it can damage the plastics on the dashboard. This is especially true for those flacons that mount in the air vents. With this in mind, manufacturers have been looking for more solutions….

Gels and oils

Many supporters have fragrances in the form of a gel collected in a tin or containers of smaller capacity. Opening the lid or exposing the permeable layer dries the gel and releases the aroma. Instead of a gel, the carrier substance for the fragrance can also be oil.


In 2014, ELiX was one of the first companies to introduce air fresheners in the form of scent-soaked polymers. This solution has been very well received by the market and is growing in popularity. The current technology makes the fragrances release in a stable way for a long time. Polymers also allow for better control over the intensity of the fragrance. Polymer carriers are lightweight and small, so they can be mounted anywhere - on the air vents, on the mirror, the sun visor, or simply placed somewhere on the center tunnel. Polymers mounted in the air vents release odor mainly while driving, which is when you need them. Importantly - they are much safer than flacons, as nothing can spill out of them.

Other solutions

Owners of larger vehicles appreciate jars with flexible balls soaked in aroma. Some portion of the market is also occupied by fragrance sachets containing a dry blend of herbs or other components.

ELiX's eco-friendly approach

It's no secret that quite a lot of plastic is recycled in the air freshener industry, which is not without its impact on the environment. Fortunately, manufacturers care about creating planet-friendly products. They therefore use organic materials whenever possible and engage in recycling programs. ELiX also takes this topic very seriously and… collects more plastic than it produces. This is made possible by joining the PlasticBank program. As part of it, an amount is paid to PlasticBank from each ELiX product purchased to collect and recycle 3 plastic bottles.

Aromatic travel

The market for car air fresheners is growing rapidly. It benefits from new technologies and responds to drivers' changing preferences. Air fresheners have come a long way - from intense, technical scents to more subtle and pleasant aromas.

The development of car air fresheners is not only a technological innovation, but also a change in the approach to creating a pleasant atmosphere inside the vehicle. With a variety of forms and aromas, traveling becomes even more satisfying for the senses.

In conclusion, car air fresheners are an integral part of the modern travel style. They offer not only functionality in the form of removing unpleasant odors, but also create an atmosphere that affects our mood and well-being. By choosing the right form and aroma, we can create a personalized space inside the vehicle that makes every trip even more enjoyable.
Waldemar Stasiak

#ELiX is Now Certified Plastic Neutral: A New Milestone in Our Eco Journey

At ELiX, we’re not just about intention, we’re about action. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we have joined Plastic Bank, a global movement that empowers communities to stop ocean plastic while improving lives.

Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal areas around the world. Plastic Bank reveals the value in plastic and creates a circular economy for recycled plastic.

By partnering with Plastic Bank, we have achieved Plastic Neutral certification, which means that for every ELiX product you buy, we pay for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. This way, we are preventing plastic from entering the ocean and supporting vulnerable communities with a dignified income.

This certification is a new milestone in our eco journey. We have always been committed to reducing our plastic consumption and using eco-friendly packaging for our products. But we know that this is not enough. There is still a lot of plastic waste out there that needs to be dealt with before it reaches the ocean.

Every time you choose ELiX, you are choosing to make a positive impact on the planet and its people. You are choosing to be part of the solution.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference and save the Planet.

Waldemar Stasiak