Adon – ChatGPT for your business! What is worth knowing about it?

In the history of mankind, there are landmarks that change the perception of business. The last revolution on a global scale was the Internet. Today it is artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT. What is it and why should you have it in your company?

Recent months in the world of technology and business belong to artificial intelligence. A great deal of space has already been devoted to discussing the use of AI in marketing, production processes or control. Most people's eyes are focused on OpenAI's ChatGPT product. Meanwhile, a tool called Adon has been created in Poland. 

Security of your data

The biggest criticism toward the popular ChatGPT is the way it works. There are no free lunches in business, which is why everything has a price. If a tool is publicly available and free in its basic version, it must have a hidden cost. 

Using ChatGPT in the free variant means sharing your data. The possibility of reading information confidential to the company, which can later be used to answer another question, raises discomfort. Some of the biggest companies in their industry realize this, e.g. Samsung, which has banned the widely available ChatGPT precisely because of the risk of leaking confidential data.

Also, the competing solution used by the Bing web browser takes advantage of what information and queries we provide. Thus, when creating a response, it simultaneously tailors the profiled advertising content that can be included in the material developed by the chat. Fortunately, they are clearly indicated. 

Adon uses ChatGPT mechanisms but is a more closed solution. Going forward, Adon is expected to be a system that uses only local data.

Improved productivity

Humans have a limited maximum capacity, which is reached rather quickly and drops almost at a logarithmic rate. This can be seen in activities that require repetition and creativity. Sending emails to potential customers and describing in a committed and personalized way the most important information about the company turns into schematic responses over time. 

Adon's innovative solution uses contextual information and assists the sales department of air freshener manufacturer ELiX, among others, in answering business questions from potential customers. Interestingly, a comprehensive presentation of an issue can be made in a language other than Polish. In this way, sales personnel can handle more matters simultaneously.

Publicly available knowledge base

One of the biggest challenges of high-tech companies is the narrow specialization of specific departments within the company. In the case of training a new employee or when there is a need to replace them due to illness, for example, Adon comes to the rescue. Artificial intelligence can act as an employee-wide knowledge base, where the time to obtain information for a specific query is maximized and, most importantly, it is correct, and communication is done in natural language. It is simply a chat conversation with all the procedures and operating instructions at the same time.

ELiX is successfully using Adon

Adon, as a proprietary project of AWAKAST software house, is being tested in practice at ELiX Air Fresheners, where it realistically supports the sales and production departments, among others, in working efficiently on multiple projects simultaneously. 

"At ELiX, we have always focused on modern solutions. It is always exciting to come into contact with tools that have the potential to accelerate a company's growth. That's why we were happy to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Adon. The first months of testing clearly show that artificial intelligence using publicly available mechanisms in the hands of experts from software house AWAKAST is an effective support for ELiX. We are looking forward to the next versions of Adon and already can't imagine doing business without the participation of artificial intelligence" – says Waldemar Stasiak, CEO of ELiX.

You, too, can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Adon

Close cooperation between software house AWAKAST and ELiX Air Fresheners shows that implementing artificial intelligence into business is viable. Therefore, there is an opportunity to test the possibilities Adon offers for your company. This is a project in an advanced stage of development, and each additional opportunity to test in a different industry and company organizational environment, helps improve the tool. 

In this regard, we encourage you to contact Kasper Stasiak, who, as an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, will answer all your most important questions. 

Kasper Stasiak
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The scent of a new car

For the real car enthusiast, the smell of a new car's interior is just as important as its equipment or styling. It is a feature that often identifies a brand. ELiX, a Polish manufacturer of air fresheners and a specialist in this sector, explains how manufacturers create that special aura in their cars.

The smell of a car interior is a very complex subject. It is largely made up of the individual smells of the components used in the manufacturing process and the smell of car interior care products. Already at this stage, some manufacturers select suppliers and materials by choosing those that are aromatically compatible with strict guidelines.

Quality is also about the right smell

In the case of premium brands, the quality of the materials used to finish the interior is assessed comprehensively. It's a full spectrum of experiences to meet the client's expectations. It is not only a question of the technological usability of a given part, but also of aesthetics (visual, tactile) and also precisely the smell. This means that manufacturers of premium brands do not leave fragrance to chance. It can be said that they manage it extremely effectively.

It is important to remember that in a certain class of car, the interior scent of the vehicle must be consistent with the brand image and the quality of the finish. This is the most important element of fragrance management - the coherence of the fragrance with the interior design. Even if organic leathers are used, they can also have a refined fragrance that creates a unique atmosphere and gives pleasure to the brand or model.

Classy means discreet

It is extremely important, as manufacturers have already learned, to manage the intensity of the fragrance. The fragrance of the interior elements should be extremely delicate and long-lasting. So that the user recognises it when entering the vehicle and then, thanks to adaptive mechanisms, stops recognising it in a few minutes. Nowadays, good-quality components can smell for up to more than a year, all thanks to the use of special odour carriers that are resistant to high temperatures. This refers to the production stage - for example, the plastic injection stage.

A very interesting technology is the scents released only when the item is touched. They are most commonly used for any textile or leather items

Fragrance helps to sell

The right vehicle interior scent creates a pleasant atmosphere that remains in the emotional memory much longer than technical descriptions and often helps to sell cars.

According to research, fragrance fulfils its 'marketing' role in two cases. Firstly, when it 'fits the brand' and is compatible with the interior furnishings, and secondly, when its intensity is well chosen. This is illustrated by the accompanying graph of perceived odour intensity - we are interested in level 3, that is, when the perceiver is on the verge of identifying what and how they smell.

Range 0-1

An area where the intensity of the odour is so low that we feel nothing (but animals can already identify such low concentrations of odour).

Range 1-2

The most interesting range of odour concentration, where we are unable to identify the source of the odour. While we cannot define it, we already perceive it emotionally as something positive (it's pleasant) or negative (be careful, or don't eat); this level triggers a kind of premonition, which some call a sixth sense.

Range 2-3

The range within which we can identify a smell and describe it, and clearly know what emotions and memories it is associated with. This is the extent of the effect of well-chosen perfumes or properly applied air fresheners.

Range 3-4

The level that starts to become a nuisance; we have too much fragrance intensity and, regardless of the type of fragrance, we are not comfortable with it. It's a case of taking a lift with someone who has spilled a whole bottle of perfume on themselves - "it supposedly smells good but gives you a headache".

Range 4 and more

Determines the odour concentration at which the pain threshold is exceeded. Regardless of the type of fragrance, the reflex reaction is to want to leave the place with that concentration of smell.

Exaggerated intensity is perceived as bad or even worse than a bad smell. In general, the most important thing for car manufacturers is to create a friendly, good-quality place where we feel comfortable. The same principle should be followed when individually selecting fragrances for cars, rooms or our personal perfumes - Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX

Which scent do you like best?

A very good example is the so-called New Car fragrance, which has evolved from a heavy leather scent into a lighter men's perfume. And there is a justification for this, as there are no leather elements in popular cars and the smell seemed artificial. On the other hand, the scent of men's perfume with a hint of luxurious leather gives the interior a pleasantly calm atmosphere and is universally accepted by men and women alike.

How can fragrance sell your brand?

Running a business is directly linked to growth. Sales growth of 27%, that sounds proud! And these are the kind of results that virtually any entrepreneur can achieve if they believe that fragrance really helps sell your brand!

Man is an emotional being who is guided only to a limited extent by cold calculation. We perceive the world through the prism of our beliefs, ideas we have heard, and our senses. Sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are what helps us experience life, and in the past have been one of the foundations for the survival of the human species. Still, many entrepreneurs are afraid to bet on the customer's experience with the company in a wider context. 

The first impression effect!

Today, competitive advantages are even more strongly determined by details. Access to technology, as well as production processes, is more widespread than ever before, so the details will determine why consumers choose your brand. 

What does your head office look like, what do the people who first come into contact with the customer represent. Very important, and perhaps even more important, are non-verbal impressions. It's what music reaches our ears, what we feel when we step through the company's doors. Are all these elements consistent with each other? This is why aroma plays such an important role in the branding process. 

Emotions and impressions - this is what drives us

Once we have taken care of the emotional sphere and built a good first impression, this needs to be maintained. Sometimes professional salespeople in perfumeries of brands recognized throughout Europe make a basic mistake in communicating with the customer - they refer directly to the product, i.e. the fragrance, instead of asking about the sensations that come from smelling a particular fragrance note. 

This demolishes the whole intricately created effect at the outset, as most customers feel lost at this point and do not quite know how they are supposed to answer such a poorly asked question. In this area, we may miss the opportunity to close the deal. Therefore, in selecting a fragrance for your brand, pay attention to olfactory memory. 

We like what we already know

Olfactory memory is a phenomenal process because it remains constant throughout life. Based on the aromas we perceive, our mind can assess danger, if only in the form of the smell of gas, or recall wonderful moments by the ocean when we smell the aroma of the sea breeze. 

This is why you need to focus on positive impressions when choosing a fragrance for your brand, because verbal and non-verbal experiences will create the anchors in the customer's mind described in psychology - company X is very good and friendly - even though, on further reflection, we don't quite know why we think so. 

"As emotional creatures who are partly guided in their lives by the rational side of their minds, we rely primarily on very primal instincts. In branding, awareness of the potential of fragrances helps to develop a unique competitive advantage over other companies. At the same time, the specifics of each industry are so unique that virtually most companies can use their own fragrance lines as the hallmark of their business," says Waldemar Stasiak president of ELiX.

Why Outsourcing Air Freshener Manufacturing is the Best Choice for Your Business

If you are looking for a way to boost your sales and profits with air fresheners, you might want to consider outsourcing the manufacturing process to an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Here are some of the benefits of doing so:

You can save time and money by letting the OEM handle the production, packaging, and shipping of your air fresheners. You don't have to worry about investing in expensive equipment, hiring skilled workers, or managing quality control.

You can focus on your core competencies and marketing strategies. You can use your creativity and expertise to design your own unique air fresheners, choose the best fragrances and ingredients, and promote your brand to your target audience.

You can access the latest technology and innovation from the OEM. You can benefit from their experience and know-how in creating high-quality air fresheners that meet the standards and expectations of your customers. You can also request for customized solutions that suit your specific needs and preferences.

You can expand your product range and reach new markets. You can offer a variety of air fresheners to your customers, such as spray, gel, paper, or car air fresheners. You can also explore new opportunities and niches in the global market with the help of the OEM.

Outsourcing air freshener manufacturing to an OEM is the best choice for your business if you want to grow and succeed in this competitive industry. You can enjoy the advantages of having a reliable partner who can provide you with quality products at affordable prices. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

Waldemar Stasiak

How to create new fragrance

Creating a new fragrance can be a complex and time-consuming process that involves several steps. Here is a general outline of the steps involved in creating a new fragrance:

How human brain perceives smells?

Essential oils and the olfactory system

Fragrances and smells are around us all the time. They can affect our mood, memory, and well-being. But how do they work?

Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants. They have different chemical properties and effects on the body. When we inhale an essential oil, it travels through the nasal passage and reaches the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is a part of the brain that processes smell signals.

The olfactory bulb sends the smell signals to the limbic system, which is the emotional center of the brain. The limbic system regulates our emotions, memories, hormones, and autonomic functions. Depending on the essential oil, it can trigger different responses in the limbic system. For example, lavender can calm us down, peppermint can energize us, and rose can uplift us.

The power of fragrance depends on how many molecules of fragrance are in one square meter of air. There are different levels of fragrance perception:

Our brain can also adapt to a constant fragrance over time. This means that we stop noticing it after a while. This is a protective mechanism that allows our brain to be alert for new smells that might indicate danger or opportunity. For example, if we smell spoiled food or a potential mate. This is also why we might not smell our own perfume or air freshener after using it for a long time.

Essential oils and the olfactory system have a complex and fascinating relationship. By understanding how they work, we can use them more effectively and safely to enhance our lives.

Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

Copyright © by ELiX Ltd.

How to Eliminate Odors in your Home

Freshening Up Your Air

Practically everyone wants a home that smells pleasant. The problem is that there are so many things in a home that can cause bad odors. If the scent is not obvious, homeowners may need to go from room to room until they can locate the source. Fortunately, with the right tools, they can eliminate virtually any kind of odor and prevent it from returning. These tips help homeowners find the odor, clean up after it properly, and ensure that it is gone for good.

Identify and Remove the Source

Identifying the source of the odor is the first and most important step. If homeowners cannot find the trigger, it will continue to be a problem until it is removed. Removing it can be difficult when people are unsure where the source is located or are dealing with multiple odor problems at the same time. Enclosed spaces that do not have good ventilation can be the most-likely culprits:

When the odor is not obvious like pet urine or smoke, people may need to systematically search the room to locate its origin. Removing garbage and clutter will help to reveal areas that might be hiding problems.

Helpful Tools

Getting rid of problematic odors in the home calls for a few tools. Many of them are easy to buy at the store and may already be in the home. Once people have removed the source, they can use these items to neutralize the odor quickly.


Incense is a scented stick that people can light to create an aroma while the stick burns. The sticks come in a variety of scents, many of which are spicy and fairly strong-smelling. Homeowners should locate a spot in the home that is at low risk for burning and use a special incense holder. Like a candle, it is important not to burn incense when no one is there to supervise it. Although this can cover up odors in the home, it typically does not remove them. People will notice that the odors will return an hour or two after the incense stick has burned out.

White Vinegar

White vinegar can eliminate odors using a variety of possible approaches. The high acidic content of vinegar can kill certain types of bacteria that create odors. Vinegar can be an effective cleaning agent for this purpose. Some homeowners like to spray a vinegar and water solution on soft fabrics to neutralize odors. Heating vinegar on the stove can help to remove odors in the kitchen.

Although vinegar has its own strong odor, it will dissipate from the room after a few hours. Homeowners should be careful to use milder concentrations of vinegar, as industrial products can damage home furnishings.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds work well to neutralize odors for the same reason that they are an effective addition to a home garden: the nitrogen in the grounds acts as an effective odor management tool. In many cases, all homeowners have to do is to place a bowl of used coffee grounds in the room near the source of the odor. They should avoid applying the grounds directly to the surface, as this can absorb the oils and create a stain. Coffee grounds may not be the most effective tool, but they may be a quick way to approach the problem.

Baking Soda

Many people are familiar with baking soda as an effective deodorizer. The boxes homeowners can buy at the store may have a special opening for placement in the refrigerator. Dumping a cup of baking soda in a bowl is a good way to start deodorizing a space. By itself, removing the odor this way can take hours or days, by itself. Baking soda also cleans surfaces that can handle a light abrasive without scratching. Sprinkling baking soda on carpet will absorb spills and dry out quickly, making them easy to vacuum away.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Like white vinegar, apple cider vinegar is another acidic tool that homeowners can use to neutralize odors. The primary difference is the color and the scent. Apple cider vinegar leaves a pleasant scent of apples, although it is slightly acidic. People may want to use apple cider vinegar for applications that need a quick way to cover the odor while neutralizing. Leaving bowls of apple cider vinegar near the odor can neutralize it over time. Rinsing a garbage disposal with apple cider vinegar can clean, disinfect, and leave a better scent behind.

Common Odor Culprits

There are a variety of possible odor culprits, although it is often obvious which one is a problem. Homeowners should watch out for these areas of the home, which are prone to collecting the bacteria that produce odors. Proper maintenance can make a significant difference.

TrashKitchen odor eliminator

Smelly garbage is an obvious problem, especially in the kitchen or the bathroom. In most cases, taking out the trash bag removes the source. However, leaks in the bag can lead to accumulation at the bottom, which can cause odors to linger. If homeowners are not sure why their trash cans stink, it may be time to clean them. They should follow these steps:

Some trash can materials, like wood or plastic, can absorb the odors and become more difficult to remove. Stainless steel is the easiest to clean.


Cooking often produces odors, even if many of them are pleasant. The problem with the cooking process is that it produces moisture as well as releases oils into the air. Once that moisture or oil settles onto another surface, it can be difficult to remove the odors from it. Homeowners can prevent this problem by installing proper ventilation around the stove and using it every time they cook. Cleaning pots, pans, cooking equipment, and surfaces will help to eliminate most sources of the odor. If these steps are insufficient, people may want to leave out a bowl of vinegar, baking soda, or coffee grounds near the stove overnight. Simmering spices on the stove or misting vinegar in the air around the kitchen may work as a last attempt.


Since the refrigerator is a largely unventilated space full of fresh food, it can be a significant source of odor problems for homeowners. When people notice that their refrigerator smells bad, they should quickly check for expired food. Spoiled food harbors bacteria or fungi that create foul odors, which can get worse if left alone for days or weeks. Once the source is removed, placing a bowl or open box of baking soda inside can help to deodorize it. If the odor does not go away, it may indicate a spill or rotten food in the freezer. Cleaning out the refrigerator once a month and cycling through frozen items will minimize odor problems. This may or may not require unplugging and defrosting the refrigerator.


Dishwashers are designed to clean dishes and food preparation equipment. Because this process involves a combination of water lines and food particles, it can also cause problems with odors in the kitchen. Homeowners may be able to avoid most problems by giving their dishes or kitchen tools a quick rinse in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher. For current odor problems, people should:

If these steps do not solve the odor problem, people may want to call a technician to look for possible leaks under the dishwasher.


Drains that smell bad are usually a sign of a clog. Most drains attached to sinks have a P-trap underneath. This piece is relatively easy to remove and clean out. Homeowners should avoid using harsh cleansers, as this can damage the plumbing. It may be more practical to hire a plumber to fix the clogs.

In the kitchen, homeowners may also need to attend to the garbage disposal. It is important to confirm that it is in the off position before reaching in to grab trapped food. If the disposal is empty, running lemon juice or apple cider vinegar may clear away food particles causing the odor. Hot, soapy water helps to melt away grease and allows it to pass down the drain.


Bathroom odors are quite common, but homeowners can minimize their effects. Proper ventilation, turned on whenever the bathroom is in use, is key to eliminating lingering odors of waste while helping to control moisture. High humidity creates a breeding ground for mildew or mold. Vinegar and baking soda can remove the odors, but people should consult an expert if they notice mold growing in the walls.

Using a bag in the garbage can reduces unpleasant accumulation and makes cleanup easier. Foul odors in the bathroom that are not caused by garbage or waste may be a sign of sewer gas or backflow. In this case, homeowners should call a plumber for assistance.

BeddingBedroom odor eliminator Natural Fresh

Bedding creates a new problem for homeowners to solve, in relation to odors that accumulate. People spend about a third of their time sleeping. As they rest, the oils from their skin, dirt, and skin cells permeate the bedding. Eventually, the mattress absorbs them. As a result, mattresses might be significantly heavier at the end of their lifespan.

Washing bedding and sheets at least once a week helps to prevent this problem. For stubborn odors, people can sprinkle baking soda, spray a light mist of vinegar and water, allow it to sit for a day, then vacuum it up. In some cases, allowing the mattress to sit in the sun will help to deodorize it. However, people may need to replace the bedding in order to solve the problem.


Like bedding or a mattress, clothing can absorb odors and make them difficult to remove. Closets can be a particular source of bad smells, especially closets that do not get cycled through on a regular basis. To find the source, homeowners should clear out the closet. It may be a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or the closet itself. Clothing that smells like smoke or oily foods (like fish) may need washing or dry cleaning with an enzymatic cleaner that removes oils. If the closet is the problem, people should clean it from top to bottom. Most musty smells can be eliminated by spraying down the walls lightly with vinegar and water, and leaving the closet open to dry and air out.

Fabric Furniture

Fabric furniture is a likely source of home odors because it can rapidly absorb and hold spills. A fabric couch or chair located near the kitchen may trap odors from the stove. Small pieces with odors but no stains may be easy to manage by taking them outside on a sunny day. For larger pieces of furniture or heavy stains, homeowners should start by vacuuming the entire piece. This includes removing or lifting cushions and getting into the corners. Once this is complete, they can sprinkle baking soda and leave it overnight. The baking soda soaks up liquids and is easy to remove once dry. For a deeper cleaning, spraying with a solution of water, vinegar, and dish soap will work for most fabrics.


Cleaning carpet spills quickly is the best way to avoid stains and odors. Carpet is an absorbent flooring material that will hold the liquid and even pass it to the carpet pad underneath. For current stains, homeowners may want to try applying baking soda. For heavy spills or stiff stains, baking soda paste with water often works better. After a day, people can vacuum it to see if the odor is gone.

If the source of the odor is the carpet pad, homeowners have fewer options. The pad is a separate material that cleaners like baking soda or vinegar will not reach. In some cases, professional carpet cleaners can help to remove spills or moisture from the carpet pad, which is a common problem after flooding.

Removing Odors from Smoke

Smoke contains a combination of things, including oils. As these permeate the air, they can land on any surface and cause a stain. For example, homeowners may notice that the ceiling above the stove develops a stain after they cook a particularly hot or smoky dish. The smell of smoke from cigarettes, vaping equipment, or even a house fire can be particularly difficult to get rid of. People can start by removing anything that can be washed or dry-cleaned. Once these items are clean and odor-free, they should be kept from the space until it is clean.

Cleaning furniture, walls, flooring, and other surfaces is more difficult. It must happen at the same time to avoid the scent permeating again. Baking soda and a vinegar solution work on soft surfaces like carpet or fabric furniture. Wiping walls and the ceiling with a damp rag dipped in vinegar is the most effective way to clean them. Homeowners may want to vacuum them first, to remove dirt and debris. Surfaces like a kitchen or bathroom counter should be cleaned as normal. For serious smoke odor problems, it may be more practical to hire a professional cleaning company.

Soft Surface Cleaning Tips

Soft surfaces tend to be the most likely to absorb odors, but they require gentle care. If homeowners use the wrong solution or try to scrub a stain, they may damage the fabric. Using harsh cleansers on a carpet and scrubbing it can wear away fibers or remove color. In most cases, people will get the best result by sprinkling baking soda, spraying lightly with a vinegar solution, and allowing the material to dry in a well-ventilated space. If it is not possible to take the material outside, people may want to open a window instead. When vinegar is contraindicated, plain vodka sprayed lightly on drapes or upholstery will absorb the odors and evaporate quickly. Like vinegar, the odor of alcohol will dissipate within an hour or two.

Treating "Stale" Air

Sometimes when people walk into a room they do not use very often, they notice a musty or stale odor. This is common in vacation homes or cabins after months without use. The problem starts with a lack of ventilation. When a room or a house does not cycle air regularly, mold, mildew, and bacteria can breed with ease. High humidity can make the musty smell worse or trigger open mold production. The most obvious solution is to open a few doors or windows and let the space air out. Natural light can neutralize odors through exposure to ultraviolet rays. If this is not effective enough, homeowners can shift to cleaning individual surfaces or furniture as a way to address it.

Removing Pet Odors

Like smoke damage, removing pet odors can be one of the most difficult tasks for homeowners trying to target problematic scents in the home. Urine is the most common cause of the odor. The best way to eliminate it depends on its location and the severity of the problem.


Pets that have free run of the house can carry a lot of odors with them. Dogs can bring dirt into the house after a walk. They also produce excess hair and pet dander that can accumulate on the floor or in furniture. Homeowners can minimize the effects of this debris by sweeping or vacuuming the floor each day, and mopping hard flooring surfaces at least once a week. They may need to do the same for dog beds, couches, crates, or any other place the dog is allowed to be.

To remove urine odors, people should wipe up the mess immediately and wash the towels or throw them away. If the urine permeated the wall or sub-floor, it may be necessary to use an odor-killing primer before repainting or replacing flooring.


Odor Block - CAT

Cleaning up after cat odors mostly focuses on urine. Since many cats live inside, they eliminate waste indoors as well. Homeowners should clean the litter box daily and change the litter regularly. New urine stains can be removed by blotting and treatment with an enzymatic cleaner. Wiping or vacuuming the surface afterward can remove the odor.

The main problem with cat urine is that it can permeate deep into the room and come back, even after people have soaked up the spill or cleaned the carpet. Humidity reactivates the acid in the urine, which can make the odor almost impossible to eliminate without removing the surface. Experts suggest taking cats who urinate outside a litter box to the veterinarian to check for health problems.

Small Pet Cages/Habitats

Small pets, like rodents or birds, have their own living spaces that must be cleaned on a regular basis. Without proper cleaning, those cages can accumulate odors that can spread to the rest of the room. Most cages are lined with a soft material that the pet can use for bedding, to build a nest, or to leave waste. The odor comes primarily from urine or solid waste. As such, this material must be replaced at least once or twice a week.

For the cage material, stainless steel is less likely to absorb odors than plastic. Homeowners may want to select a lining material that is more likely to hold liquid, like wood shavings. This material is less likely to disintegrate if it gets wet.


Aquariums for fish or reptiles will carry some kind of odor under any circumstance, but it may not be unpleasant most of the time. Reptiles mostly need to have waste removed on a regular basis. Glass tanks should be wiped clean with treated water and a clean sponge or washcloth. In the case of fish tanks, the high water content can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Excess food, fish feces, or dead fish can cause foul odors. If the tank gets a lot of natural sunlight, it may cause algae to bloom. Homeowners may be able to manage some of this by adding a bottom-feeding fish that will help to keep the interior surfaces free of debris. Replacing some of the water once a month helps to cycle out odor-causing bacteria.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew odors may be simple or very difficult to eliminate, depending on the severity. Homeowners should know that these fungi start to breed in high humidity. Poor moisture control can happen anywhere, but it is more likely to be an issue in the kitchen and the bathroom. If the mildew odor is confined to a single surface like a wet towel, washing it may solve the problem. Mold is easy to smell but can be hard to locate. In many cases, the mold breeds inside the walls, because it needs both moisture and darkness. Homeowners can spot it first in the corners of the walls or the flooring. At this point, they usually need to call a mold remediation specialist.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a house clean and smelling fresh takes a fair bit of work. When people encounter a foul odor, they are wise to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Odors can become more pungent if left alone, and they are often easier to manage when they first show up. There are many things that people can use to clean and deodorize their homes without damaging surfaces or simply covering up the scent. With a handful of natural tools and products from the supermarket, homeowners can engage in their own home odor elimination.

Looking for more tips on how to make your home smell fresh? Check out this handy guide on how to eliminate odors in the home.

Why people use air fresheners ?

The most popular reason to use air fresheners is because users like the fragrance where smell is the most important factor with response of 51% of answers. Important reason to use air freshener is refreshing the air in room – 44% and to neutralize, eliminate bad smells and odors – 43%. Very important for air fresheners users is to create specific atmosphere 28% and to connect functionality of air freshener as a decorative item in house, where some natural solutions as natural scented flowers are the most popular solution with 27% response.

Among people who do not use air fresheners the most common reason is preference to open the window – 52%. Second important reason not to use air fresheners is because the fragrances are too strong – 31% and conviction that these products are not environmentally friendly – 23%. For 20% air fresheners are expensive. For 18% argues that air fresheners are not good for health. Only 5% as a reason points that the fragrance in general are too weak.


Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

Copyright © by ELiX Ltd.

How to Get Rid of Irritating Smoke Smell at Home

Can you believe this? While most of us would disagree, the truth is that we, humans are endowed with one of the strongest senses of smell. Bearing testimony to this fact is a research that was published in the acclaimed journal Science that asserted that we, humans can recognize as many as one trillion different smells. Needless to say then that given the very sharp odor sensories that we have, it is highly unlikely that we can put up with a smoke smell at home.

As difficult as it is for us to accept the smoke smell, the more challenging task is to remove the smoke smell. What are the probable causes of smoke smell? How to get rid of the smoke smell at home? What are the best smoke odor eliminators? These are a few of the questions that we seek answers to, here.

What Causes Smoke Odor in Home?

To keep it short and simple, smoke odor in the home is caused by negligence. It could be the negligence of people staying in the home or people living in the neighborhood of your home. This negligence, of course, can have diverse manifestations. First, smoke can emanate from the use of fuel that is used in the kitchen for cooking. Lack of attention may lead to the knob of the gas oven being left open. Second, in countries with cold climate, natural gas is highly used for keeping homes warm during winters and could be a source of fire and consequently, smoke. Third, people burning wastes and disposing those off by burning them in open air, can lead to the smoke making its way into homes in the neighborhood through doors, windows and other unintended gaps in the architecture.

How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Home?

Given the challenges posed by the smoke smell in homes, it is advisable to stay abreast of the best practices to remove smoke smell for self-help. Following are the best ways to remove smoke smell in homes:

Wash Hard Surfaces like Glass and Mirrors

First, when cleaning up your home in the aftermath of a fire or any incident that leads to the build-up of smoke inside your home, attempt cleaning the hard surfaces first. Surfaces like mirrors, window panes, and other glass surfaces bear the brunt of smoke because of the blanket of tar and soot that settles down on them, thus leaving behind a strong odor of burnt items. Use a solution of warm water and vinegar mixed in equal proportions for the initial wash and then rinse the surfaces with fresh water.

Be Gentle on Waxed Surfaces

It is advised that you gently wipe off the whole ceiling while paying extra attention to the areas that are frequented by smokers. Do not attempt to rinse off the vinegar. Rather allow it to dry. When trying to remove the smokescreen that settles on ceilings and walls, be cautious to not use vinegar on waxed surfaces. First, vinegar has a strong reaction on wax surfaces and causes the top layer of wax to erode, thereby damaging the look and feel of the interior of your home. Second, make sure that you do not combine the vinegar with bleach because it leads to the emission of chlorine gas which again is toxic.

Wash the Soft Furnishings First

When trying to remove smoke smell from clothes and fabrics, start with soft furnishings like bed covers, pillow covers and curtains. These soft fabric items soak up large quantities of smoke odor and therefore it makes sense to start with these. It is advised that you wash these soft fabrics first and then move on to washing clothes and wearables.

Reupholster the Soft Furnishings

If the impact of the smoke in the home is far too severe, you shall discover that many of your soft furnishings have been damaged beyond repair and thus need to be reupholstered. Seeking professional help to re-upholster such belongings can be expensive. Thus, if you can do it yourself, you get to stay away from burning a hole into your pocket.

Steam Clean or Vacuum the Carpet

When dealing with the impact of smoke smell on a carpet, you need to put in some extra efforts. The carpet is yet another soft item that cannot be fed into the washing machine. Rather, it is advised that you shampoo and wash the carpet with a steam cleaner. You may seek professional help in this regard if you are unable to do this by yourself. Yet another trick that makes the job easier is to sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and then clean it using a vacuum cleaner a day later to enable the soaking up and removal of the smell.

Lean on Charcoal

Did you know that charcoal is a great odor eliminator for homes? Yes, you heard it right. Charcoal is one the best air fresheners for a smoke. Simply leaving a few bowls of activated charcoal around the house absorbs odors of smoke.

Let in Some Fresh Air

In the aftermath of smoke in the home, it is only natural to find the air stagnate and foster the growth of fungus and molds. Given the improved insulation in modern homes and the existence of the right conditions of humidity and darkness, these kind of issues are common phenomena. To resolve this challenge, it is advised that you open all the windows and ventilators and allow the last remnants of smoke and smell of burnt substances to fade away. Placing a fan in the room can improve the circulation of air and expedite the process.

Use an Odor Neutralizersmoke odor eliminator Natural Fresh

Once you are done with the cleaning of the household items, you can pick a good scented odor neutralizer that can remove smoke smell and keep the environment inside fresh and healthy. Given the wide variety of smoke odor eliminators available in the market, you have an option to choose a fragrance of your choice. Amidst the long list of available fragrances, how do you choose the best air freshener for smoke? It is simple, choose the one that shall help eliminate the smoke smell as well as diffuse a pleasing smell into all corners of your home.

Use an Air Purifier

It is advised that you make use of a good quality air purifier. An air purifier for homes works to filter odor molecules from the air and lends a healthy ambiance inside.

With the tips and tricks shared here, you can now make short work of smoke smell in the home. In addition to these reciprocative measures, it is recommended that you be proactive and stay safe. Make sure that you empty the ashtrays regularly and avoid smoking indoors.

Author: Waldemar Stasiak - ELiX Founder

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Why Fresh Ambience at Workplace is Important?

When it comes to creating a great physical environment at the workplace for employees and customers, everything from the lighting, ventilation, cleanliness of furniture and the washrooms to the quality of air matters. To state that the air that people breath at the workplace must be kept free of bad odors, would be an understatement. A fresh ambiance at the workplace not only calls for bad odor removal but also consistently maintaining a healthy and pleasing fragrance.

Here we take you through the economic value of a healthy and fresh physical environment at the workplace, the adverse effects of covering up bad odors on people and business, the choice of best air fresheners for office and the diverse benefits that each of these bring and finally, some tips to keep bad odors away from the workplace.

Why a Healthy and Fresh Physical Environment at the Workplace Matters?

Ever since the Hawthorne Experiments conducted by Elton Mayo, there has been a growing chorus on the benefits of creating and maintaining a healthy and fresh physical environment at the workplace. The experiment offered evidence that good lighting and ventilation at the workplace, augment the productivity of people.

Strengthening the arguments for a better and happier physical environment, an article published in the Harvard Business Review quoted findings from a contemporary research.

The findings of the research assert that a great physical environment at the workplace perks up the mood of people keeps them in good spirits and boosts their morale. The research goes on to list the particulars that make for a healthy physical environment at the workplace like lighting, ventilation, open spaces, extent of clutter and finally, good and bad odors.

What Covering Up Bad Odors Can Do to Corporate Reputation?

Of the many different aspects of the physical environment at a workplace, the odor is one of those that are not visible and thus many a time entrepreneurs, corporate executives, managers, and workplace administrators fail to gauge the importance of a neutralizing odor. Many others may consider covering up bad odors with a more intense but artificial odor to suffice, which of course does not produce the best results as people get to smell the two odors distinctly.

Not only is a cover odor grossly insufficient, but it also does more harm to corporate reputation and brand image. When external visitors, customers, and employees discover a business enterprise practicing a “cover-up” culture that is unhealthy and opaque, their trust in the business gets badly shaken. The unhealthy physical environment at the workplace and the bad odor in the air inside become proxies for customer and employee dissatisfaction.

This can be especially the case in business verticals that require both the employees and the customers to be on the shop floor at the same time. Some of these industry verticals are as follows:

How Do Neutralizing Odors Contribute to a Happier Workplace?

While covering up bad odors can have negative consequences for people at the workplace, as shown above, the use of odor neutralizers can make an impact on people at the workplace. In fact, it has been observed that the use of diverse aromas at the workplace can lead to specific effects on the psyche of people. We take through the specific fragrances of air fresheners for offices and workplaces and the corresponding outcomes that these fragrances can enable businesses to achieve:

Tips to Leverage Aroma as a Lever of Productivity at the Workplace

Given the mounting evidence in favor of the positive effects of bad odor removal and use of organic air fresheners and the adverse effects of bad odors on employee productivity and morale at offices and workplaces, it makes enormous good sense to adhere to a few basics as a matter of thumb rule. These are as follows:

Given the deep impact that odor has on people at the workplace, one thing comes out as an axiomatic truth. Good aromas bring more out of people. A neutralizing odor can motivate an employee to do more at the workplace and a customer to spend more. A workplace that smells good more often, does good business more often.

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