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Jelly Pearls 350 + 50ml GRATIS

water pearls air freshener

decorates the house and atmosphere

  • Large decorative jar 400ml

  • Specially developed formulation

  • Easy and simple to use

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Orient

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Ocean

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Lily

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Lime

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Fruits

  • Jelly Pearls 400 Flowers

Home air freshener in the form of scented beads refreshes and decorates the room. Thanks to the specially developed formulation and dedicated packaging - Nr.1 among this type of products. Now in new packaging 350 + 50 ml GRATIS
Perfumes for the home that will transform your surroundings. Natural ingredients that will make you feel like you are in a blooming garden.

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