Product Card

perfume and odor eliminator

multi-purpose air freshener

  • Adjustable power of Fragrance

  • Water based Gel

  • Easy and simple to use

  • GEL in box Aqua

  • GEL in box Black

  • GEL in box Cherry

  • GEL in box Red Fruits

  • GEL in box New Car

  • GEL in box Odor Eliminator

  • GEL in box Squash

  • GEL in box Vanilla

An effective air freshener in a small easy-to-use package. For simple room/car freshening invisibly. Water-based gel, does not contain harmful oily substances or terpenes
Our water-based gels naturally refresh the environment. Manufactured in Poland in accordance with best manufacturing practices (see certificates). The modern gel formula enables effective and easy use in any application.

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54-530 Wroclaw, Poland