Product Card

wood air perfume

wooden cap and glass bottle

  • Perfume made in France

  • Lasts up to 30 days

  • simple and attractive packaging

  • elixir 5sp Vanilla

  • elixir 5sp Vanilla & Sandalwood

  • elixir 5sp Strawberry

  • elixir 5sp Lemon

  • elixir 5sp Cherry

  • elixir 5sp Gentleman

  • elixir 5sp Bubble Gum

  • elixir 5sp Black

  • elixir 5sp Angel

Thanks to the slow release of perfume through the wooden cap, you will refresh your surroundings for a long time.
Simple and environmentally friendly packaging makes it easy to highlight the benefits of this excellent air freshener. Contains natural fragrance essences

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ul. Skarzynskiego 26,
54-530 Wroclaw, Poland