Grand opening of new production line in India

On 29 July 2022, a new production line was officially launched at our facility in India.
Many thanks to Maruti-Suzuki’s management representatives, Mr Deepak Thukral San and Mr Keiichiro Nasu San for attending the ceremony and officially opening the new production line.

With the launch of this investment, we will have the opportunity to significantly increase the production capacity of our very popular gel air freshener. In addition to the increased production capacity for gel air fresheners, we will also have the opportunity to significantly increase the range of air fresheners produced. New air fresheners dedicated to this very demanding market will soon be available.

We keep our promises

In early 2021, we promised to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging. Below is another example of this - we gave up a nice plastic window in favor of cutouts. We have also changed the supplier of boxes, so as to have FSC certification.

ELiX India awarded by ACMA

We are pleased to share information about the awarding of the award we received today.

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) is a prestigious and very strong organization in India. Its members are all Indian auto parts manufacturers and all OEMs. More info about ACMA: The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India - ACMA

The award in the category of HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment) has a very special significance in view of year 2020 being a Covid-19 Year.

This award confirms our core values:

The air freshener should work as intended, refresh the air around us as long and intensively as possible. It should be safe for the user – after all, it is inhaled by us. We follow environmentally safe business practices. We understand Natural Origin as the introduction of raw materials and packaging that can be recycled or are produced in a recycling process. The use of natural, renewable resources is very important to us.


ELiX implements ecological packaging

Is it possible to completely remove plastic from packaging?

In our opinion - YES, it is possible to completely eliminate plastic from packaging. Today, we have decided to start the process of creating new, ecological air fresheners packaging, in which we will eliminate plastic completely.

Plastic is used in air fresheners packaging due to its properties, which prevent the product from releasing its fragrance during storage and transport - barrier films are widely used here:

It is also widely used in blister packaging, where, due to its transparency, the customer can see the product. The blister protects the product and prevents it from being taken out and hidden, which is particularly important in the case of large-format stores:

At ELiX we already have a wide range of fully ecological products, we use natural raw materials and natural fragrance carriers, so it is time to change the packaging.

Is it possible - YES. A good example of this is JELLY PEARLS, where for years we used a sleeve label - a film that takes the shape of the packaging. In 2020 we replaced this foil with a paper wrapper. In our opinion, the product has become more attractive and we have reduced film consumption:

old one: jelly pearls air freshener natural fresh elix and new version: 

in the case of air perfume, we did:

old version:     air perfume Natural Fresh elix       and new one: air perfume air freshener natural fresh ELiX

Next results of our work will come soon. As the first products to implement a new type of ecological packaging, we chose our Barrel and sachets:

wood air freshener natural fresh ELiX  natural wood air freshener Natural Fresh ELiX  organic fresh bag air freshener RELAX  Natural air freshener Natural Fresh ELiX

We invite all our clients to cooperate in the creation and implementation of ecological packaging.

Waldemar Stasiak / ELiX CEO

Local news about ELiX

ELiX air freshener manufacturer supports local hospitals in fights against COVID-19. Our support has been spotted and covered in local news

Waldemar Stasiak

ELiX supports hospitals in the fight against COVID-19

The ELiX company - a manufacturer of air fresheners - has supported Wrocław hospitals in the fight against coronavirus. The company, operating in Wrocław, has donated liquids for hand disinfection to the four largest hospitals in Wrocław.

- The year 2020 was an exceptionally difficult test of personal and corporate responsibility. This unprecedented situation in which we all found ourselves required and still requires special actions. Supporting the society, especially at the regional level, is one of the priorities of our company - says Waldemar Stasiak, Director at MB ELiX.

In ELiX since the beginning of the pandemic we decided to actively support the fight against the spread of coronavirus. During the year we donated over 37,000 pieces of liquid hand sanitizer ELiX HANDRUB. We made donations mainly for hospitals, our support was provided, among others:

for more info, please visit:

New production location

On May 25, 2019 we started production in our new location : 54-512 Wroclaw, ul. Przybyły 22.

Re-start of production

Today we sent the first order fully made after 04/04/2019.

We are effectively implementing a plan to restart the production and construction of the most modern production plant for air fresheners.


Notification of Force Majeure

Dear Business Partners,

We regret to inform that our manufacturing facility and materials were burnt down in the fire last Thursday / Friday night (4-5 April 2019)

The fire broke out externally on the pallets with electronics of neighboring company – Assmann. It moved onto their waste container and then immediately climbed the factory walls.

People, company’s data and offices were not harmed.

We are sorry to inform that delays in executing orders will occur.

Re-establishing production capabilities is progressing and we are introducing a quick-recovery-plan for the following weeks. The new equipment is already ordered and in production. Some machines are on the verge of shipment as we were modernizing our manufacturing equipment constantly. We should have a rough schedule of re-launching particular groups of products shortly. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience.

We are sorry for this inconvenience caused by Force Majeure and we do count on your understanding and support.

Our Team remains for your disposal.


10 June 2019 PS note:

I would like to thank all our suppliers who have helped us quickly and efficiently rebuild stock of raw materials and machine park. Thank you to all ELiX employees who from the very beginning actively took up the hardships of rebuilding the company. Thanks to You, after two months from the fire, the production works again.


Waldemar Stasiak

Nanotechnology in cellulose air fresheners?!

How to make paper air fresheners to last longer? – we decided to use nanotechnology!

Shortening the distance, enhancing internal electronic dynamics results in smaller and durable molecules empowered by captive ingredients bring lasting scent molecules even during evaporation
process. Once the empowered, compressed molecules hold by captive ingredients are placed inside the cellulose carrier they tend to evaporate slower.

The scent is long-lasting, the composition is evaporating gradually releasing the fragrance slower.

Possible? – NOW in all our paper air fresheners!

Poland UAE Business Formu Dubai

Waldemar Stasiak, ELiX CEO took part as an official Polish delegation member in the event: Poland UAE Business Forum.

130 UAE companies and 30 Polish companies attended POLAND UAE Business Forum in Dubai organized by Trade & Investment Promotion Section and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in cooperation with Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. HE Janusz Piechocinski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland took part in the event as he is paying the official visit to UAE

more info about event: ZEA | Portal Promocji Eksportu | Poland UAE Business Forum Dubai (