🌿🔬 Natural vs. Synthetic: The Truth About Essential Oils and Pictograms 🔬🌿

Did you know that natural and synthetic raw materials are classified the same way? When it comes to mixtures, air fresheners, and essential oils, they all need to be labeled in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.

The classification of these products is based on the raw materials used, whether they are natural or synthetic. Both types of raw materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure their impact on human health, life, and the environment. Each raw material is then classified accordingly.

You might be surprised to learn that even natural raw materials, like essential oils, are highly concentrated natural extracts. The concentrations of raw materials listed in the law are incredibly high. This means that, in general, there is no true natural fragrance oil that doesn't have any pictogram.

However, here's where things get interesting. Many customers actively seek out products without pictograms because they believe that these products are "natural". And this is where some companies try to hide the true characteristics of their products from the consumer.

I believe in transparency and providing accurate information about our products. We want our customers to make informed choices and understand the true nature of what they're purchasing. That's why we label our products according to regulations and provide clear and concise information about the ingredients used.

So the next time you come across a product claiming to be "natural" without any pictograms, remember that true transparency lies in understanding the regulations and ensuring that all products are labeled accordingly. Let's empower consumers with knowledge and make informed decisions together!

Waldemar Stasiak

Why you should become a distributor of elix air fresheners ?

Are you looking for a profitable business opportunity in the air freshener industry? Do you want to offer your customers high-quality products that are made in Europe and comply with all safety standards? If so, you might be interested in launching a range of ELiX brand air fresheners and becoming an exclusive distributor in your region.

ELiX is a leading manufacturer of air fresheners with over 20 years of experience in the market. They specialize in Private Label and Contract Manufacturing services, which means they can customize their products to your own brand or design. You can choose from their wide range of products or create your own unique product with their help.

ELiX products are manufactured in Poland using natural flower essences and botanical extracts. They are the only manufacturer in the industry to be certified: BRC CP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22716, TUV SUD. All their products are in accordance with REACH / CLP, and they all have MSDS cards. Their R&D Department helps clients create products and label text in accordance with European Union standards.

By launching a range of elix brand air fresheners, you can benefit from:

- competitive edge over other air freshener brands in your market

- loyal customer base that appreciates the quality and variety of elix products

- low-risk investment with high returns and attractive margins

- reliable and professional partner that supports you throughout the process

- chance to expand your product portfolio and reach new segments

To become an exclusive distributor of elix brand air fresheners, you need to:

- Have a registered company that operates in the automotive or household sector

- Have a network of contacts and customers that are interested in air fresheners

- Agree to follow ELiX's terms and conditions and respect their brand identity

If you meet these criteria and want to start your cooperation with elix, please visit their website (elixscent.com) and fill out the contact form. They will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with more details on how to launch your own range of elix brand air fresheners.

Don't miss this opportunity to make money by offering your customers the best air fresheners on the market. Contact ELiX today and become an exclusive distributor in your region.

I cordially invite you

Waldemar Stasiak / ELiX Founder